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About domestic abuse

Find out more about domestic abuse and the different forms it can take, and what you should do if you or someone you know is being abused.

Victim of domestic abuse

Listen to a first-hand account of about how domestic abuse can start and how what you can do if you’re a victim of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse and children

Learn about the different ways domestic abuse can harmfully impact children and the signs you can look out for in children suffering from domestic abuse.

Offering support for domestic abuse

Watch our video on how Berkshire Women’s Aid can help women who are suffering from domestic abuse and find out how you can get support.

Spotting domestic abuse

See how you can spot the signs of people in your community being affected by domestic abuse, and what to do if you’re an employer or a neighbour.

Helping perpetrators stop domestic abuse

Understand more about what causes domestic abuse and how perpetrators can seek support to stop their abusive behaviour.